Welcome to JOCKO UNDERWEAR. The original military JOCKO underwear for men is back!
You will find here a revamp new JOCKO with boxers, swimwear, underwears, shirts and much more for the professional men.
We are glad to start this new journey together!!!

Clothes Inspired by Real Lives & Service Personnel
Designed for Every Man

Michael Lee founded JOCKO in 1993, working from a humble location in Los Angeles, CA. We were guided by a simple realization—most apparel options for men were repetitive with casual standards for durability and all-out performance. Moreover, the marketplace was overwhelmed with ill-fitting, oversized options. Underwear was seldom designed for guys who took pride in training hard and shaping their bodies, always forced to choose between uncomfortable body-hugging underwear and oversized tops. We wanted to bring-in something refreshing, a product line inspired by and aimed at the hardcore athletic lifestyle where physical drills and unforgiving workouts are a standard. We realized that the right apparel can boost performance for such people, especially during tactical movements like short sprints, crawling or squatting. Properly fitted underwear can reduce chances of fatigue and irritation, raising the chances of getting injured or not getting the job done. Any underwear that could stand-up to such rigorous demands was virtually unsurpassable but creating something so superior was a challenge. Our mission was to blend the unquestionable performance and survivability of precision fitness inspired clothes with style and color options that contemporary men demand to create something that stood apart from the rest—without making it unreasonably pricey!

Tactical & Tough but Ultra-Comfortable Clothes Designed for Real Men!